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    • Faucet Coloured Finishes

      We got together with one of our suppliers Faucet Strommen, designers and builders of luxury tapware and bathroom accessories right here in Australia to answer some Q &A’S on there new tapware finishes!

       Bourne: What colour finishes do you offer?

      We have opened up the options for homeowners, and designers alike, by offering over 20 special finishes, available across almost our entire range, providing unequalled freedom of coordination for your project.

      Discover the earthy organic finishes like brass and copper, something timeless and warm. Imagine the Switzrok™ Matte Black finish or precious metals like our genuine Rose Gold.

      What really sets our company apart is the ability to customize the tapware and accessories, to allow the consumer greater expression by using a combination of two or more colour finishes on the same piece. You dream, we create!

      Our full list of finishes is as follows; Chrome, Gloss White, Gloss Almond, Switzrok™ Matte Black, Switzrok™ Matte White, Brushed Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel, Gloss Black Chrome, Gunmetal, Brushed Black Sapphire, Raw Polished Copper, Raw Polished Brass, Raw Brushed Brass, Antique Brass Light, Antique Brass Medium, 23ct Gold, N18 Gold, Rose Gold and Brushed Rose Gold



      Bourne: What is your current most popular colour/combo?

      • Our Switzrok™ Matte Black is a firm favorite with both designers and homeowners. This finish works seamlessly in both Transitional and Contemporary spaces, and can be used to create contrast in bathrooms and kitchens. Switzrok™ is a finish unique to Faucet Strommen, and is a special composition that is tough, durable and made in Switzerland. Switzrok™ Matte Black tapware has a beautifully even velvety texture, which does not show up fingerprints and is easy to keep clean.
      Our photo shoot featuring our Zeos Sink Mixers in Matte Black and Rose Gold, has inspired many to choose this more daring combo in their homes to create bold statement pieces.


      Customers all around the world have been creating their dream tapware by using a combination of colours on their tapware and bathroom accessories.

      • We are also seeing a lot of Antique Brass being used in residential spaces. We have both the Antique Brass Light and the Antique Brass Medium finishes which are used to create an organic and earthy feel in both traditional and contemporary spaces. These raw finishes will age and develop a patina over time.

       Bourne: What colours and combinations are on trend at the moment?

      • The warm textured finish of Raw Brushed Brass is in vogue in both kitchen and powder room applications. This finish is organic and is the Raw Brass brushed back with abrasive to achieve a rich satin look, which will age with time and develop into a medium brown. Naturally, brass alloys have visible variations of tone.

      Styling options for Raw Brushed Brass tapware and accessories in the bathroom include textured timbers, moody slate tiles and white stone basins. Live plants, such as Maidenhair ferns and English Ivy always look the part, adding colour and ambiance.

      • Our beautiful velvety Switzrok™ Matte Black finish provides contrast in Scandinavian style applications. Pair with muted timbers, white paneled walls and dark forest greens for the optimum look.

      Bourne: What colours would you like to see used more?

      • Personally, I would love to see increased incorporation of our Switzrok™ Matte White tapware in homes for a clean, minimalist look. The beautiful colour scheme of paring Matte White and Brushed Rose Gold works seamlessly in light and airy kitchens and bathrooms, and can be a terrific way to work pastels into the home.
      • I think we are going to see an increase in the use of Gloss Black Chrome in luxury bathrooms. This finish is a slightly warm black and has a metallic lustre and tonal swirls giving it character and impact.
      • Gloss Black Chrome also works perfectly with striking geometric tiles and bold primary colours.

      Check out the Bourne website for more exciting bathroom fixtures or visit your closest showroom and talk to one of our experts.

    • Dream Bathroom Trends 2017

      The bathroom has become one of the main focal points of the home, so it’s now more important than ever to get it right and create a sanctuary that’s both inviting and stylish. Styling a bathroom is like picking out an outfit to wear on a night out. You have your main component, the dress which in the bathroom resembles the bath, and/or vanity. You have your shoes, the shower, toilet, and basin then lastly you complete your look with accessories. Your tapware and bathroom decorations. Check out the latest trends we have been seeing this year to help create that dream bathroom you’ve always wanted…



      Freestanding baths have been a popular selection over the last couple of years and is still a big trend in 2017. On the other hand, if your short on space back-to-wall baths are a great alternative as they have the same look of a free-standing but take up less room. An extra bonus about back to wall baths because as they are flush against the wall you will spend less time cleaning them!



      When it comes to toilets, functionality seems to be more essential than the overall look. Back to wall toilet suites are good choice as they look tidy and minimal as the toilet shouldn’t be a focal point. Rimless toilets which we talked more about in our previous blog are the latest technology trend emerging. This type of toilet is cleverly designed with an innovative flush & flow technology, which creates a cleaner clean every time, again allowing you to spend less time cleaning them!


      Wall hung vanities have been a common trend. A wall hung option creates more free space than a free-standing vanity and is great for smaller spaces.  It also offers a clean and modern appearance. Complete with a natural timber bench top or black and white marble stone top to create a picture-perfect look.


      A shower needs to be both functional and a place where you can relax. Again, with a minimalist look celling mounted rain showers will continue to be trendy due to its luxurious appeal and soft flowing waterfall sensation. A close second would be a twin shower as it still offers a large shower head but has the addition of a hand shower. Great for people who want to have a shower without getting their hair wet!


      Matte Black Tapware

      A trend that is no longer a trend but a must have desire in the bathroom. Matte black tapware and accessories are still going strong in 2017 and with no signs of disappearing.

      Metallic Tapware

      Quality tapware is the trend, and brushed finishes are now more popular, as opposed to shinier finishes. Metallic colours are in including brass, copper and the more current gold. Previously known for its shiny finish, the new gold finish is going to be available in brushed which offers an organic and earthy feel in both traditional and contemporary spaces. Adding a metallic colour to your bathroom offers a bold look that brings a sense of luxury.

    • New Generation Toilets

      New Rimless Technology Toilets at Bourne


      We all know toilets are not everyone’s favourite topic of conversation but let’s face it, we all need one and preferably one that works well. Most people probably don’t give a second thought about toilets and aren’t really phased about the brand or how much it costs. But when it comes to functionality, hygiene and easy clean there is a new trend emerging! The two leaders in this space are the big brands Caroma and Villeory & Boch.

      Caroma Cleanflush, is one of our best-selling products at Bourne Bathrooms. Not only because of its water saving benefits or style but with its leading cleaning and performance technology, it is now the most effective and hygienic toilet yet.

      Why is this?…. Its cleverly designed bowl combined with its innovative flush & flow technology, creates a cleaner clean every time. By removing the rim of the bowl, there’s nowhere for germs to hide, making it perfect for spending less time cleaning in the bathroom.

      Find out more about the Caroma Cleanflush by watching Caromas video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTxdg8G2YOE

      Our other best seller is DirectFlush by Villeroy & Boch. An innovative flushing technology that ensures particularly thorough rinsing of the fully glazed inner bowl – without oversplashing. DirectFlush WCs can be cleaned quickly and easily thanks to the rimless design. When it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, you can rely on Villeroy & Boch to have the best.


      Be sure to check out the award-winning best-selling toilets in any Bourne Store.

    • Progressive Luxury

      The New Dorf Bloc Progressive Mixers  

      By Michelle Kearney


      Nothing says luxury quite like this bathroom. The natural light, open plan and black accents, make this the ultimate bathroom sanctuary

      Natural light is always important in a bathroom so if you have the opportunity to incorporate a window in the room it will help brighten the space and showcase some of the outside, inside.

      Using large and bright tiles will also help create an open space by visually elongating the height and length of the walls. Light tiles are perfectly matched with simplistic black or metallic features. Remember keeping things simple but exciting is the easiest way to showcase your space.

      The new Caroma Epic Bloc range is designed with the latest technology in mind using a progressive mixer system and an exciting designer look. It excels in efficiency and helps to reduce hot water wastage.

      Contact your local Bourne Consultant to discuss how we can help create this modern luxurious style.

      By Michelle Kearney

    • Black and White: Stands the Test of Time

      Caroma Black and White inspiration bathroom: featuring Liano Nexus Matte Black accessories & Liano Invisi toilet suite

      Black is a trend the Bathroom & Kitchen world has seen a few times over the last decade and it doesn’t seem to be dying off, for good reason!

      There’s a lot we can talk about when it comes to statement pieces in a bathroom, and featuring black shower heads, taps and accessories is one of the easiest ways to showcase the product and enhance the sophistication and elegance of the space.

      Black on white creates a strong modern contrast, and doesn’t overwhelm the space with a masculine vibe as many would think. Often customers think black would be a hassle to clean and maintain, but that isn’t the case, a standard cloth will clean any mess and usually the matte finish won’t show any smudges or water residue, as opposed to chrome.

      The key to using black products in any white space is to not over complicate, keep the styling to a minimal and allow the black to make its presence in the room.

      By Michelle Kearney

    • Metallics! Not Just For Tapware

      Bring the sparkle to your Bathroom

      Contemporary accents such as metallics are providing a perfectly understated opulence this season. So to bring a classic elegance to your bathroom space here are some ideas for classic and modern bathroom spaces that you could create with the new Lardini Basin available in Silver and Gold.

      Picture- Scandinavian holmes: http://www.houzz.com.au/projects/1697441/grevgatan-25

      Not into gold taps? Why not add a touch of this luxury finish to your bathroom space through a basin. The Lardini basin in gold would make a striking piece. The Gold brings an elegant richness to the space and can be accentuated by subtle accessories such as the vanity handles and towel hook on the wall in a matching gold finish.

      Silver is a perfectly understated feature in any bathroom.  Using the Lardini basin in silver on a marble or neutral coloured vanity top creates a more relaxed and traditional style space.  To bring the space together the use of dark accessories and styling to show of the distinctive contrast between the sparkle of the silver basin and Chrome tapware and the rest of the space.

      If you are working with a bold colour pallet then the silver can be a good break for the eye from bold colours and paired with sleek chrome tapware and accessories like the Vivid Slimline range by Phoenix you can create the perfect modern style.  Or add some extra flare to the space with a designer tap that accentuate the features of the room.  The new Faucet Strommen Zeo’s basin mixer in Chrome and Switzrok ties in the elements of chrome with a stunning matte white spout

      The minimalist design of the lardini sinks means they would pair well within almost any style and with a neutral colour pallet they are a good accent item to create a luxurious feel.

    • Toi: As Individual as you

      Raw Minimalist meets Modern Architecture

      This collection is the heart of contemporary design and embraces the electric trend of split finishes, along with slim aesthetics and twist dial mixer handles.  Toi blurs the line between industry and art.



      Split finishes:


      The  Toi collection uses a high quality, German made, Progressive Cartridge. The first click indicates that hot water will begin to mix with full pressure cold, the second signals when the water has an equal hot/cold mix.



      Toi twin Shower/Wall mixer


      Bourne is all about creating that luxury bathroom space that you can walk into and escape the worlds worries.  The Toi twin shower mixer now lets you have twice the shower relaxation in just a few turns.The unique construction of the Toi Twin Shower / Wall Mixer breach allows for the operation of two water outlets simultaneously or individually.



      Toi is a sleek new range that will bring any bathroom or kitchen into the modern era, its colours, function and design display the luxury a bathroom space is all about.  At the Bourne stores you can get a look at this great new product range and all of the amazing features it offers and see what this innovative product is all about.

      Visit page for products:


















    • Create your kind of luxurious:

       The Freestanding bath

      By Rebecca Stephens- Bossini Interior designer


      When I think of luxurious spaces what comes to mind is a freestanding bath

      overlooking a large city. I think textured materials that make it feel as though I

      am soaking in a natural hot spring, or feature pieces that sparkle and draw your

      eye into the space. A bathroom is a personal escape and should be treated as a

      space in which to indulge. It’s all about large windows, big views and designer

      tapware to make a statement. However most of all it’s the freestanding bath that

      best offers a luxurious feel to a bathroom. Your bathroom space is not only a

      place to clean and rejuvenate yourself but is a space to create your own kind of


      If you're renovating your bathroom and not sure whether to invest in a

      freestanding bath or a built in bath? Here are some design tips to think about to

      create a luxurious haven.


      The freestanding bath is a popular bathroom feature, and when renovating your

      bathroom it is important to consider the space available. This is crucial when

      creating the ideal relaxed atmosphere. You don’t want to create a tight space by

      squeezing a freestanding bath in too tightly and limit your relaxing space.

      Additionally a freestanding bath is a statement and therefore should be given the

      space to enhance the room on the whole.


      There are many freestanding bath styles in all shapes, sizes and colours.

      Inspired by a classic look? Try combining your freestanding bath with profile

      doors and feature tapware. These elements can be recreated within a modern

      bathroom design. If you are looking to achieve that luxurious New York style for

      example a freestanding bath with a black exterior will create this unique

      atmosphere. Conversely a natural look can be achieved through an allwhite

      bath surrounded by elements such as marble and natural timber.


      Freestanding baths also create that natural holistic feeling as if you could be

      outside soaking in a natural hot spring. Why not create that feeling and bring

      those elements into your bathroom design. Enhance your bathrooms exposure to

      natural light and let nature into your bathroom space to heighten the relaxation

      when soaking in the bath. To choose the right surface material is key. There are

      many different surface options available such as Acrylic, porcelain, gelcoated

      fiberglass, cultured marble and European steel enamel. All have their own

      benefits so make sure you do your research and choose the best material for you.

      Also the look and feel of these materials can also play a part when determining

      your choice. Another surface consideration is natural materials such as marble,

      granite, glass, copper and wood. Though natural surface materials often can

      involve a high level of maintenance if that dramatic key feature bathtub makes a

      statement it can add great value to your bathroom.

      To create that luxurious feeling flowing through your bathroom design it can be

      complementary to have similar shaped basins alongside your free standing bath

      to create a consistency within the room.

      Feature Tapware:

      Try adding personality into the room. Instead of stainless steel try a gold, rose

      gold or black statement that will draw your eye into the bathroom.


      Adding your personal luxurious touch can be achieved by including a bath tray to

      sit on top of your freestanding bath. This will not only create a more luxurious

      feel (it is a great spot for candles) but it is also a great storage option for your

      magazines or books while relaxing in the bath. A number of different types are

      available but my personal favourite is the timber tray as they add warmth into

      the room.

      There are so many ways to create your own luxurious bathroom space.

      Remember to make it your own special relaxing space that can be used for your

      own time.

      There is nothing like coming home from a long day and feeling completely

      centred and relaxed in your own space, soaking and relaxing while your senses

      engage in your surrounds.

      The Smells, the sounds, and temperature.

    • The Outside In


      The Outside In- By Rebecca Stephens (Interior Designer)

      It’s time to renovate your bathroom. While it may only be a small space this needn’t be a difficult task. Exploring your options using exterior elements provides a great opportunity to be creative.Incorporating natural elements into your bathroom design can transform your bathroom into a larger and more appealing space bringing the outside in.

      The four key elements you need to remember while renovating your bathroom are movement, relaxation, recovery and nature. Movement is a key design aspect that ensures you save space where you can while directing colour and light throughout the room. Relaxation and recovery focus on the feel and atmosphere of your bathroom. This can be achieved using colours and finishes to portray a comforting and soothing feel that enhances the senses through texture and smell. Moreover it is nature that provides the vibrant and fresh atmosphere that is key to any bathroom.

      There are many ways to enhance the natural elements into your bathroom design. Natural light plays a crucial role in this as it can portray a larger space through the use of floor length windows. These will allow the beams of natural light into your bathroom creating a greater sense of size. However if a window in the space isn’t an option it is important to consider the role of indirect light within the space. Furthermore to increase the perception of size within a bathroom a wall-hung vanity is the best option particularly in a small room as it creates a floating effect, which means there is more overall space available. The use of glass within a bathroom is a valuable tool particularly to open up shower areas. Try incorporating light colours and finishes throughout your bathroom and give these touches a strong feature finish such as timber paneling. The use of timber in your bathroom design creates a warm and inviting environment. Consider earthy light finishes which are a great choice for bathrooms as their naturally relaxed feel creates a sense of bringing the environment indoors.

      Utilising textured finishes creates a realistic tactile feel that enhances the senses and draws your eye into the space. Creating a feature wall is an excellent option to distinguish your bathroom space and adds a wow factor as well. Adding feature tiles, be it within the shower space or on a feature cabinet above a basin is the perfect way to add your own personal textured touch.

      Now for the final and most enjoyable part of your bathroom design: the decorating. This stage allows the chance to highlight and enhance the standout features of your bathroom design. Select simple elements to enhance the natural feel of the space. Try incorporating nature by adding plants to give your bathroom a vibrant fresh atmosphere and be wary of overdoing it with too many candles or vases. It is important not to forget to include all the senses as this will give the room a more complete feel. Consider smell, touch, thermal temperature, pressure, relaxation, balance and self-movement.


      Happy Renovating and enjoy creating your new and improved bathroom!

    • Bathrooms, Bathrooms, Bathrooms....

      Bathrooms, Bathrooms, Bathrooms....

      One of the biggest things I find that is lacking in a lot of new bathroom renovators is inspiration and creativity. I’ve come across many new renovators that are either overwhelmed or intimidated by the whole process and their creativity gets stifled along the way. Personally I think creativity and individuality add that special touch to a bathroom design. You don’t need to spend a small fortune to come up with a bathroom design that is beautiful and creative, you just need to think outside the box and add your own personal style and finesse. So today I wanted to focus on providing a bit of inspiration in the visual form. I have scoured hundreds (ok maybe thousands) of images to hopefully spark a bit of creativity that you know you have somewhere deep inside.

      Outdoor BathroomSource http://designtraveller.tumblr.com/post/1454029979

      There is something to be said about a natural setting but I wouldn’t go down this road if you have nosy neighbours, although, I have heard about some amazing new glass products that provide instant privacy at the click of a button. Bathroom 123Source http://wwwartecgroupinc.blogspot.com.au/2011/03/fort-worth-historical-bathroom-remodel.html I love the uniformity of the antique post cards framed on the wall and you can never have enough places to hang towels. The beautiful number detail on the towel hooks really adds a nice touch. Bathroom Window BathSource http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/1748885/list/Designer-s-Touch--The-Master-Bathroom Often lighting and windows are overlooked or don’t take centre stage as part of the design process. I adore how the bath is the focal point of this bathroom and you can never have too much storage. Bathroom SymmetrySource http://www.houzz.com/photos/1367677/Mid-North-Residence-contemporary-bathroom-chicago Understated elegance and symmetry is a great recipe for a successful bathroom renovation. I highly recommend wasting a few hours online to get a well needed boost of inspiration and bring out your creative side. There’s nothing wrong with borrowing a few ideas and making them yours. You’ll be surprised by what you find. For more information on bathrooms and bathroom renovation contact Bourne Bathroom & Kitchen Centre.

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