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    Renovation Tips

    Our Top Ten Tips for a Brilliant Bathroom or Kitchen

    1. Advice. Speak with a consultant; they will listen to your ideas, advise you on what is possible and provide you with an expected budget. An in-home consultation is an invaluable tool as it links your own space with the many products available at Bourne Bathroom & Kitchen Centres. Visit a store today for design advice or to arrange an in-home consultation.

    2. Design. Whether you choose to do this on your own or engage a professional, a well thought out design will ensure your new bathroom or kitchen is both functional and stylish. Try using the bathroom planner on the Bourne Bathroom & Kitchen Centre website.

    3. Permits. Check with your local council whether your proposed design requires specific permits or approvals. These need to be obtained well ahead of time to avoid unnecessary delay once your renovation commences. Building permits are usually required if you are proposing structural changes; council approval is usually required if you are proposing changes to the external facade.

    4. Let's go shopping! Everybody loves this part! Head to your local Bourne Bathroom & Kitchen Centre with your shopping list and choose from the extensive range on display. A Bourne Bathroom & Kitchen Centre representative will gladly assist you in choosing the best product to match both your style and your budget.

    5. Quotes. Once you have your design confirmed and your products chosen, obtaining an accurate and competitive quote is essential. We will provide a comprehensive and itemized quote which is not just a 'lump sum'. Remember to use only a registered builder and licensed tradespeople to do your renovation - or ask us to refer you to our specialist renovator.

    6. Schedule. Knowing when your renovation will start and finish is quintessential. An updated program stating the progress of works is a must during your project. It may not alleviate unexpected delays, but it will keep you informed of the status of your renovation.

    7. Prepare. A bathroom or kitchen renovation is a significant interruption to the household. Be prepared to make alternative arrangements for meal preparation, storage of kitchen items, and bathroom access for the family and tradesmen.

    8. Stay informed. Insist upon regular meetings with your builder or supervisor during the project so that you can be kept abreast of the goings on. An informed client is usually a satisfied client!

    9. Enjoy! Renovating a bathroom or kitchen typically happens only a few times for most; so enjoy the experience! Watch as your space transforms into a new and exciting room. Proper preparation, sound product choice, good design and a reputable installation and building company will make your building experience both memorable and pleasant.

    10. Completion. Get your paperwork in order. Ensure a final sign off process is conducted; obtain all certificates of compliance (plumbing, electrical, water proofing) together with all product warranties and building insurance. You may never need this information but it pays to keep it safely filed away.