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    Infinity Universal Standard Controller

    Product Code(SKU): MC91Q2A



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    Rinnai Infinity Universal Standard Controller. All INFINITY models allow for up to 4 Water Controllers; enabling installation in the Kitchen, Bathroom, Ensuite & the Laundry. Even though the INFINITY will operate with only 1 Controller, as a general rule we recommend a minimum of 2 Controllers to be installed - 1 in the kitchen and 1 in the bathroom you use the most.


    In bathrooms, the temperature selection will usually range between 37°C and 43°C - depending on how hot you like your shower or bath. In the kitchen and laundry however, you need a higher temperature for washing and rinsing dishes, so around 50°C is best. If you have only 1 Water Controller, you will need to go back to that Controller each time you want to select the temperature for either shower or washing dishes. However, with at least 2 Controllers, you can select the temperature in the bathroom and conveniently change it with ease again when in the kitchen.

    All Rinnai INFINITY Water Controllers can be mixed and matched in any combination. The only limitation is that there is a maximum of 3 Deluxe Controllers in any installation. If 4 Controllers are desired, 1 of these will need to be a Universal Controller and this is usually located in the Laundry or least used bathroom.



    • Our smallest, most economical model
    • Use it anywhere in the house
    • Water resistant for use in wet areas including showers.

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