As the most highly used room in a home, the bathroom is a place that needs optimal functionality. And if you have windows, choosing the right blinds is a must. They must provide adequate privacy while allowing good light flow. But because it’s a wet area, they also need to tolerate our good friend H2O. And let’s not forget all the dust and grime that builds up when we go about our day to day routines.

Here are some of the best styles of blinds for a bathroom:

Plantation Shutters

The best thing about plantation shutters is they are highly resistant to water. And in a bathroom, that is a big priority. Especially if you’re like me and enjoy splashing around in the shower! These types of window coverings are also very easy to clean, which is what homeowners want with their busy 21st century lifestyles. For a provider of plantation shutters in Melbourne we highly recommend Royal Crest who are super friendly, have great products and great prices!

Roller Blinds

Another blind that is easily to clean, roller blinds give a plethora of options in the bathroom, allowing control over filtering light and enhancing privacy. You can add blockout fabric or a sun screen depending on your positioning of the room and windows and your personal preferences. Also known as Holland Blinds, these coverings are long lasting and durable.

Aluminium Shutters

Perfect for internal wet areas, aluminium shutters are strong and easily cleaned. Choosing a brand that is powder coated is highly recommended, as it will ensure maximum durability and also allows lots of great colour options to suit the style of your bathroom.

Vertical Blinds

The versatility of vertical blinds makes them suitable for use in a bathroom. The fabric you choose is an important consideration though, and we recommend one that is acrylic coated. This will give the window covering optimal durability and it will not absorb moisture from the environment.

Some of the questions you should ask when buying blinds for your bathroom include:

  • What size do I need?
  • How easy are they to use?
  • How long will they last?
  • Are they fully waterproof?
  • Do they suit the room?
  • How much do they cost?

Overall, we love plantation shutters as the #1 option for your bathroom blinds, however all the styles reviewed above are suitable. It all comes down to your budget and personal preference. Do your research, ask the experts questions, and good luck!

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