We have witnessed thousands of bathroom renovations and come across people remodelling theirs on a regular basis. It isn’t an easy task but the end rewards are obvious once the renovation is complete.

A positive end result is not always the case though and we have heard about several nightmare renovation experiences that started with a lot of blood and sweat, and ended in tears. These situations are very sad and so we are here to provide some advice to help people avoid the major mistakes when it comes to renovating.

DIY will be cheaper

DIY has become incredibly popular in Australia, largely thanks to the barrage of home renovation shows such as The Block and whatever the other ones are. Throw in the regular ads on TV for Bunnings Warehouse and it’s no surprise people think they can do it themselves! Eliminate the middle man and save big right? Wrong.

There’s a reason why people are called “tradesmen” and that’s because they’ve spent a long time learning their trade and becoming an expert in that area. Anyone can pick up a saw or drill but it takes a professional to complete jobs at a high standard.

Yes, you might save a few bucks going DIY, but I can guarantee the quality will be lower. And, if you mess it up, you will need to call in the experts anyway, costing you even more time and money to fix your mistakes!

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We can alter things as we go

Planning is such a crucial phase of any renovation and if you start tackling the project thinking you can simply change things along the way, you are in for a big surprise. Something that you consider to be a small tweak might actually require a major overhaul. This will not only set the timeline back considerably but put a lot more $$$ into the budget.

Problems will likely arise during your project but with careful planning, these can be kept to a minimum.

Savings is more important than quality

If you’re investing money in your bathroom, then you want to make sure it’s done right. There’s no point going to the effort of hiring a professional, only to cut corners in an attempt to save a few bucks.

A bathroom’s life span generally is 10-15 years, hence it is crucial to spend money on quality fittings and fixtures that will last. It’s also a room that has high traffic, with every family member using the loo and shower multiple times a day. Quality, durable products are a must, so don’t put savings ahead of quality!

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The more the better

Less is more. That’s all that can be said really. The bathroom is a place of retreat and relaxation so you don’t want it looking and feeling too busy. This goes for both the number of elements you have in the room, but also when it comes to colours and decorative pieces.

Light colours should be dominant with a few items (such as towels and flowers) giving the room a bit of colour and contrast. Being able to move around when showering, cleaning your teeth and getting ready for work or bed should also be a breeze, and hence space is crucial. The more the better? No way!

We hope these tips are useful and eliminate some of the headaches you face when looking to give your bathroom a makeover. Good luck!