In my years in the bathroom industry, the thing I’ve seen over and over again which surprises me is just how many new renovators are either intimidated or overwhelmed by the whole process of the remodel. Despite being “experts”, they are a bit tentative and as a result, show very limited creativity. Unfortunately, this is something I believe is crucial when it comes to bathroom design, as it gives that personal touch that takes it to that next level.

Coming up with a creative design that is aesthetically pleasing shouldn’t have to cost thousands of dollars, but an investment of time in the planning process should be allocated. Showing the renovation company your personal style and design preferences can help them create a bathroom that is not only creative but also matches who you are.

Therefore, I wanted to provide some visual ideas to help anyone at the planning stages. Hopefully these images will give you a starting point and get your creative juices flowing. And if you need more, check out Houzz who always have hundreds of bathroom remodel ideas.

There is something to be said about a natural setting but I wouldn’t go down this road if you have nosy neighbours, although, I have heard about some amazing new glass products that provide instant privacy at the click of a button.

Tiles can make or break a bathroom so choose carefully. When done well, they are simply amazing and add so much aesthetic value.

elegant bathroom tiles

Often lighting and windows are overlooked or don’t take centre stage as part of the design process. I adore how the bath is the focal point of this bathroom and you can never have too much storage.

Understated elegance and symmetry is a great recipe for a successful bathroom renovation. I highly recommend wasting a few hours online to get a well needed boost of inspiration and bring out your creative side.

There’s nothing wrong with borrowing a few ideas and making them yours. You’ll be surprised by what you find.